iBug in iMessage?


I have found an issue in iMessage iPhone application service which is part of Messages Apple application. In this post I will describe iMessage behaviour and use consistency oracles for test reporting. Consistency oracles for test reporting is one of the topic that you can learn and practice at BBST foundations testing course.

The issue.

One of my contacts also use iPhone. I successfully received iMessage from that contact, but my immediate reply on that message failed with red exclamation symbol and red text "Not Delivered" next to my reply. At that time I thought that GMS network problem is the reason for that. When the issue repeated again, this time I clicked on red exclamation sign. Pop up message appeared with text "This iMessage was not delivered." and options Try again, Send as Text message and Cancel. Send as text message successfully send my reply with notification that this is text message. This time I knew that my contact's iPhone was at servicing and that he put his SMS card to phone that do not have iMessages application.

Consistency oracles

How to explain to programmers (or other stakeholders) that this is bad? I will use seven consistency oracles for test reporting.


My impression is that many todays testers think that they are testers simply because they know how to use some fancy testing tool or framework. But this is not core tester skill. Writing effective test reports is one of tester's core skill. When I first noticed this iMessage behaviour, my first thought was: come on Apple, you can do better that that. Where are your testers? But going through consistency oracles for test reporting, I found out that I was wrong and that this iMessage behaviour is not a bug. And reporting this as s bug, I would loose credibility with Apple stakeholders.
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