jython and pip 'No files/directores in pip-egg-info' issue

My goal is to drive Sikuli using plain-text functional descriptions, like Cucumber does for a Ruby. Sikuli uses Jython, so my first step was to install Lettuce Python module (Cucumber for Python). And everything must run on Windows. I am using Jython2.7a2, and first step was to install pip on Jython. Here is stackoverflow answer for installing pip in Jython. Second step was installation of Lettuce module, and simple:

>jython %JYTHON_HOME%\bin\pip lettuce

does not work.
Following command:

>jython %JYTHON_HOME%\bin\pip --proxy my_proxy_username:@proxy_url:port -r requirements.txt

produced following error (yes, I am working behind proxy server, and it was real fun to find out proxy information from IT in my company):

"No files/directores in %your_windows_home_directory%\locals~1\temp\pip-build\Jinja2\pip-egg-info (from PKG-INFO)
Storing complete log in %your_windows_home_directory%\.pip\pip.log"

and Google told me that this is known Jython issue. Notice that issue has English grammatical error.
I resolved that issue with following command:

>cd  %your_windows_home_directory%\Local Settings\Temp\pip-build\Jinja2
>jython setup.py install

What I actually did? pip has two steps. First is to get the module egg from pip repository, and second is to run the actual install of the egg. I run second step by hand.
You will have to do that for all modules listed in requirements.txt, and when you install one module, you have to delete it from requirements.txt file.

Final step, because my test machine does not have access to Internet, is to copy/paste JYTHON_HOME folder from my development machine (where all pip installations are done) to the test machine.

Update 01:

During the installation of Pygments module (jython setup.py install) I received following error:
"java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Method code too large!"
More on that you can read again in Jython issue 1891:

I successfully installed Pygments after I divided definition of three lists in file:

%my_windows_home%\Local Settings\Temp\pip-build\Pygments\pygments\lexers\_vimbuiltins.py

into three files in the same folder as original file: