Dear Google, testing is not dead: Google calendar issue

Dear Google, testing is not dead. Opening keynote from Alberto Savoia of GTAC 2011 was "Test is dead". Let me be clear, Google is doing marvelous job in testing their products. But my opinion is that their in house testing is missing human flavor. Just look at the description of their testing job positions. A lot of automation and programming.
My arguments why I think that Google is not right and that testing is not dead?
Today I found and issue in Google Calendar. I stated an issue, not a bug. Because form the automation point, everything works as expected. But not from human perspective. I created a screen cast of that issue. Why? As I said earlier, Google is doing a great job in testing their products. When they accept an issue to be resolved, they are able to put that fix in production very quickly. So probably you will not be able to reproduce this issue.
Issue is with Where filed in combination with link to Google maps. Where is by default populated with some words form the Event title filed. When you click on Google maps link, Google maps are opened at the location of Where field value. When you update Where field and click on map link, Google maps opens again at the default value. To put your change in effect, you have to save the event.
Why is this an issue? I lost several minutes figuring out how to put my Where field update in effect. Business loss from Google perspective? I could have spent that time at Google maps exact location and maybe I would click at some of the payed links of event nearby businesses.

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