Dear Google, testing is not dead. Blogger feature

While I was finishing my previous post about how Google closed Calendar issue, I had problems with Internet connection. In my blog post edit filed, I constantly received warning that data was not saved on Blogger server. I pressed several time Save button in Blogger, but that message was permanently present in my Blogger editor. I did not close my  Chrome, and I returned after one hour to finish my blog post. Internet connection issue was gone, and  I discovered in my Blogger dashboard nine instances of my blog post with same name. Eight identical drafts and one published instances. It looks like JavaScript stores unsuccessful saves in some sort of cache  and when connection with server is established, it sends all save requests in bulk to the server. Every save has unique id, generated by JavaScript code. For testers, network edge conditions (low bandwidth, network connection goes on/off in short time intervals) are very important as source of testing ideas. Google tested Blogger in those conditions. Again, this is not a bug, but and issue. From user perspective I have version control of my unsuccessful saves, which is awesome.  Precondition is that I do not close Chrome up to the point in time when Internet connection is back up again.