Testing in 140 characters (or less) #5

Feeling stuck when #testing? To get unstuck, try changing something, anything, big or small, /right now/. Stand up; doodle; change fonts.
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) August 25, 2012
Photo radar doesn't prevent speeding; it tells us if speeding happens. Awareness of it helps some remember to be conscientious. 1/2 #testing
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) September 5, 2012
In the same way, checking doesn't prevent bugs; it tells us about some bugs, and may remind some of us to be careful. 2/2 #testing
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) September 5, 2012
"Passing a test" means "meeting expectations", but we don't often take time to examine those expectations in the first place.
— Jon Bach (@jbtestpilot) September 5, 2012

Testers; slaying beautiful hypotheses with ugly facts.
— Ben Simo (@QualityFrog) September 6, 2012

Testers: Disturb people. Disturb their thinking. Ask questions that disturb settled lines of thought; provoking new ideas.
— Ben Simo (@QualityFrog) September 6, 2012