Report for Zagreb STC #6 Meetup

Yesterday we held our 6th Zagreb Software Testing Club meetup. We have been gathering now for one year! You can read more on agenda meetup here
There where ten testers, three of them where first time at the meetup. We started with tester introduction and what he tested last week. Other testers had a lot of questions during that introduction, so we got debate that lasted for almost an hour. And that is what you should expect from every true tester!  
After pizza, Manuel started his presentation on software testing. It is based on his final faculty work, and it represents one of the rare software testing materials in Croatian language. For me this is excellent starting point for someone that does not know what is software testing. Unfortunately, in Croatia there is a lot of IT professionals that does not have a clue what is software testing. We will encourage Manuel to repeat this presentation on next Viaqa (hopefully with new conference name) conference.
During the presentation, almost for every presentation topic, we had a debate and conversation. I was very pleased with that. From discussion I concluded that we are working in different 'software testing schools'. For now we have factory and agile representatives. At work my company legacy is Factory school, and I am trying to introduce Context driven school. In my free time, on my Elance projects, I am practicing knowledge from Context driven school. 
As I do not totally agree with Manuel presentation, here are my comments.

In overall I think that Manuel's work is very good starting point if you need to prepare for some kind of testing certification.In the last minutes of meeting, Zeljko explained to us Cucumber scenario outlines. Zeljko also wrote about the meeting.

In the end, I would like to state that I am very pleased with direction of Software Testing Club meetup! Marko, a regular meetup attender, also wrote his thoughts on meetup discussions. 
See you in two months.