Testing in 140 characters (or less) #4

Making GUI test automation less fragile often means making it resistant to change it should detect, and therefore less valuable. #Paradox
— Ben Simo (@QualityFrog) August 11, 2012
@jarilaakso It doesn't necessarily make a tester worse, but a tester drawn to or obsessed with coding is probably not studying testing.
— James Marcus Bach (@jamesmarcusbach) August 12, 2012
@mheusser There is more to testing than finding bugs.Building trust and collaboration with the team is half the battle that is to be won
— Mohinder Khosla (@mpkhosla) August 13, 2012
Want a reasonable first-order measurement for an exploratory #testing session? Ask: how many new leaf nodes did you add to your mind map?
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) August 22, 2012

Don't take bit.ly/O4Kzynas a rigorous measure, but discovering new coverage areas is a valuable outcome of exploratory #testing.
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) August 22, 2012

A well-framed story about bit.ly/O4Kzynis a fine *qualitative* way to measure the productivity of exploratory #testing sessions.
— Michael Bolton (@michaelbolton) August 22, 2012