My contribution in spreading what is software testing

In order to become better tester, I read a lot about software testing. My primary source are testers that I follow on twitter. They are my "testing learn" twitter list. I also have 'programming learn' twitter list. And on that list I came across on following blog post:

My obligation was to comment on that post. I have this blog post because I am not sure if author will approve my comment.


This blog post is only useful if you want to pass ISQTB exam. It will not help you to test software in such manner to help team to produce better product. For example:
"It will help to make sure that we are not having any test cases for the requirements which are not asked by the customer."
It is not possible to write down all the requirements. What about implicit requirements? For example:
System will not crash down if I try to login with Croatian characters."

This post is example how process from automobile industry were unsuccessfully copied to software industry. In order to understand what is software testing, start with this video.

Regards, Karlo.