One tester and 30+ developers at Code At Six

Yesterday I attended Code At Six meetup. As it is written at their site, this is developers meetup where developers socialize and give short hand on lectures. They discuss hipe technologies for web and mobile development. Code At Six grown from legendary Ruby At Six meetup where Ruby language (and related technologies) was main topic. Goal of Code At Six is to gather all web developers. There were 30 developers and me, one tester. I gave hands on lecture on Grinder, load testing framework based on Java and Jython technologies. Merlin Rebrovic hands on was about hacking Git history.

Using Grinder TCPProxy, I recorded http data while loading Code At Six home page (github grinderShowCase project). Audience reaction was pretty good, and of course main request was to try to crash Code At Six homepage. Of course we only created a load of two concurrent users, and presented grinder test reports.
After the hands on lectures, we formed smaller groups to discuss various topics about web development.
I am very proud that I was given a privilege to talk in front a such smart audience.

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